Kubota engine Z650 -NN - Kubota : B7000 Zen-Noh : ZB7000

NN - 650 cc - 2 cyl. - 14 HP - complete adaptable engine with injection pump, injectors, new oil filter, flywheel, starter, dynamo
Warranty: 1 year parts.

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Reference MLZ650
110 kg


These engines have worked about 800 hours,only and have been controlled: glow plugs, starter, engine oil, new oil filterd. Engines are painted and ready for installation.
WARNING: check the oil level before starting!
Possible external variants: oil pan (dimensions) - radiator support (left - right) - different flywheel .But the engine body is always the same, including fixing points.
It is your responsibility to make adaptations yourself.

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Product type Engine-block
Models Kubota B7000
Models Zen-Noh ZB7000

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