Spare Parts

  • 12" Rim  4 holes white D=70mm - I=100mm - Iseki : Sial, TF3, TF5, TM, TM15, TM17, TM3160, TU, TU130, TU140, TU1400, TU1500, TU1600, TU1700, TX, TX1210, TX1300, TX1410, TX1500, TX1510, TX2140, TX2160
Kubota : XB1
Yanmar : F14, F15, F16, YM1300, YM1401
    €83.49 €69.00
  • Y124JO.jante.03
    €83.49 €69.00
  • Y126JO.jante.03
    €83.49 €69.00
  • 12" Rim white - 6 holes -D=70mm - I=115mmm - Kubota : A-175, A-195, A17, A19, Aste, B1-15, B1-16, B1-17, B1600, B1702, B1902, B6200, B8200, B9200, GB16(F), GB18(F), GB20(F)
Zen-Noh : ZB6200
    €83.49 €69.00
  • Y146JB.Jante14Pouces.03
    €119.79 €99.00
  • Y16JO.jante.03
    €107.69 €89.00
  • Y16JB.jante.03
    €107.69 €89.00
  • Y18JB.jante.03
    €119.79 €99.00
  • OE - Diam 10/10 mm
    €22.99 €19.00
  • AP
    €59.29 €49.00
  • Y512A.pneuagraire.03
    €95.59 €79.00
  • Y614A.pneuagraire.03
    €83.49 €69.00

 — This part of our spare parts catalogue for tractors stands out due to its methodical organisation by types of parts, facilitating an efficient and precise search. Each section of our catalogue reflects a specific category of components:

  •  — Maintenance: Incorporating elements such as glow plugs, filters, and hoses necessary to keep your tractor in good condition.
  •  — Front Axle and Rear Axle: A range of parts for micro tractors, including seals, bearings, and specific spare parts for engines D722, D750, D850, D950, D1005, D1105, D1402, K3B, K3C, K3d, K3E, L3E.
  •  — Steering: Essential components like the steering axis and the wheel hub, ensuring precise and responsive control.
  •  — Engine: Offering everything you need for the engine, such as the starter, alternator, and fan belts.
  •  — Water-Air-Diesel: A selection of fuel pumps, radiators, and hoses and other components related to the cooling and fuel systems.
  •  — Bodywork: Elements such as rims, stickers, and ignition keys to restore or enhance the external appearance.
  •  — Hitching: A selection of hitching items with the corresponding attachments according to the type of tractor.
  •  — Manuals and exploded views: To assist in the selection and installation, we provide workshop manuals, user manuals, and detailed technical reviews.

This structure allows users to navigate with ease through a wide range of parts, guaranteeing that the exact part for your tractor can be found quickly and easily.