My Father, stockbreeder in the Herve region in Belgium, put me on a tractor at the age of 8 years! Since then an everlasting passion was born in me.

For many years, I imported second hand rice plantation micro tractors from Japan .

I found that the spare parts supply for these indestructible models was a problem.

In 2004, I therefore opened the store to meet the demand of all small Japanese tractor owners. And I succeeded.
People from everywhere from around the world trust us.

Just like you, I am a “hobby farmer”: I have donkeys, sheep and of course a micro-tractor! I personally use several machines presented on . They are perfectly suited to our type of work.

Our system operates only through Internet: We of course have a warehouse, but no physical store where we could receive you.
We do not have a phone-line, but we quickly respond to all your questions by e-mail.

Welcome to our store… and again enjoy your tractor!
Yours sincerely

Alphonse TENEY

Yenibiz srl
Bois Marie, 29
4500 Huy